Tips To Download PC Games to Your Hard Drive

Understand that not all PCs can play every game. Just like when you cannot play Xbox One games on Original Xbox machine. This happens because of hardware and software changes so that old or inexpensive computers cannot play certain games. All games will tell “Minimum Specifications” needed to run the game and “Recommended Specs” to get comfortable and smooth performance.

If you have a new computer, chances are you can run all the old games. There may be exceptions to some games that require very high graphics performance.

If your computer can already run multiple games, it usually runs the game from the same era.

Check the computer’s video card to match the recommendations of your game. Check your video card’s specifications via the Start menu. Open the Start menu, then click “Run”, and tick “dxdiag”. A diagnostic report about the video capabilities on your computer will be displayed. List of supported video cards are usually also loaded on the game site. If you cannot use DxDiag, you can also check the video card manually:

  • Open “Control Panel”.
  • Click “Displays” then choose “Change Display Settings” in the left frame.
  • Click “Advanced Settings”.

In the window that appears, make sure you are in the “Adapter” tab. The name of your video card will be displayed there. Maybe you should go into “Advanced Settings” to see the DirectX version of your computer

Check the processor and the amount of RAM in your computer. The processor and amount of RAM in your gigabytes you have will affect the speed of the computer. You can check both of them from the same screen:

  • Right-click “Computer” or “My Computer” from any window or screen.
  • Click “Properties”.
  • Scroll down to “System” to check the processor and memory (RAM) installed.
  • Check if the processor on your computer is eligible to run the game you want to download

Check if the storage space on your hard disk is sufficient or not by clicking the drive C. Open the Windows Explorer window to check your hard disk. Look for your main hard disk in the left frame and right-click the hard disc you want to use. To view the remaining storage space, select “Properties”.

You can use any hard disk to download games onĀ gsekai. If desired, you can install a removable disk (USB flash) or external hard disk and use it to download games gsekai. However, you should always connect it to your computer every time you play a game, and this can slow down the game

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