5 Fruits Good for Pregnant Woman

During pregnancy, consuming fruits is highly recommended especially for young pregnant women. Vitamins and minerals contained in the fruit will be able to complement the nutrients for pregnant women in maintaining the health of the body and pregnancy. Here, exclusively we have summarized 5 types of fruits that are well consumed young pregnant women who may be your consideration in determining the menu of your fruit today.

1. Banana
Bananas are categorized into one good fruit for young pregnant women because potassium contained in them can be useful in relieving the problem of constipation (constipation) that usually strikes at the beginning of the first trimester of pregnancy
In addition, bananas can also be a food source of vitamin B, vitamin C, and the source of dietary fiber. Vitamin B6 useful to overcome anemia, vitamin C is useful to increase endurance against disease and free radicals, while food fiber is useful to improve the digestive system of pregnant women with problems.

2. Avocado
Unlike bananas, avocados are categorized into one good fruit for a young pregnant woman is because of its vitamin B6 content that stands out. Vitamin B6 or can also called folic acid, can overcome the problem of nausea and morning sickness that usually greets pregnant women early in pregnancy. You can process this fruit in the form of juice or directly consume it without processing. Avocado fruit can also be used in maintaining blood sugar stability for pregnant women who have diabetes. In addition, from several scientific studies note that this fruit can also help minimize the risk of birth defects

3. Oranges
Orange is a fruit with the best vitamin C content. Vitamin C is useful for keeping the immune system pregnant women remain strong in warding off free radicals and various pathogenic infections cause disease. However, pay close attention to the oranges that you will consume. Imported oranges are rumored to contain Listeria bacteria that are quite risky for your pregnancy. Therefore, choose local oranges that tend to be more secure, as well as to increase our love for the products of the country’s own farmers.

4. Papaya
Papaya fruit is a fruit full of vitamin content. Vitamins A and C are the most prominent ingredients and are the reason why the fruits of this Mexican Country are included in the list of good fruits for young pregnant women. As quoted from the results of several studies, vitamin A in ripe papaya fruit 2 times more than vitamin A in carrots, while vitamin C is 1.5 times more than that contained in citrus fruits.

Both vitamins are important vitamins that pregnant women need in their early pregnancy. Vitamin A is useful to improve eye health, while vitamin C is useful to prevent the occurrence of canker sores and deep heat. Papaya also contains papain enzymes that can help streamline the digestive system of pregnant women. If you frequently consume meat and fatty foods during pregnancy, eating one serving of ripe papaya can help you from diarrhea and constipation problems.

5. Date Palm
Dates are one good fruit for pregnant women according to Islam because the sugar content reaches more than 70%. Sugar contained in dates does not cause weight problems and diabetes. It is actually useful to increase the energy of pregnant women during early pregnancy. Dates also contain a variety of other important nutrients such as iron that can ease anemia problems; potassium is useful to overcome constipation