4 Tips to Avoid Insects Attacks during Picnic

Vacation with family is fun, especially if you have a family vacation to areas that have beautiful natural scenery or tourist parks. But of course the name of a vacation or picnic in the open cannot be separated from intrusive factors such as the presence of insects and others. Some insects have a pretty dangerous sting, so there’s nothing wrong if you’re always on the lookout for a vacation or a picnic in the outdoors. Well for that maybe the following tips useful for those of you who will travel in outdoors:

1. Put Sweet Food in a Closed Container
Insects have a very keen sense of smell, let alone a sweet food. Be careful maybe the insects will soon envelop your food. Usually insects will be very interested in a variety of fruit and sweet foods such as watermelon, melon, papaya, cake, confection or ice syrup. Try not to bring sweet foods. But if you are already or want to keep bringing these foods then make sure the food is tightly closed. Always carry a food container with a lid on it to avoid an insect attack.

2. Do not Use Bright or Patterned Colors
Insects are also usually attracted to brightly lit and bright objects, so try not to wear flashy clothes like flower motifs and the like. Avoid also wear cologne or perfume scented vanilla, candy or flowers that are too flashy because the scent of perfume can also invite the presence of insects around you.

3. Always Keep Clean Place
Do not forget to always keep the cleanliness where you picnic. Always throw the rubbish in trash bin. If you do not have a garbage dump in your place, put food scraps in a plastic container or bag.

4. Create a Barrier around at Picnic Place
Another way to confront an insect attack is that you can use an insect lime. Do lining out the area where you will have picnic at by using anti-insect lime. Usually the insects that often invade the food area are ants. There is nothing wrong to always anticipate the essence of all possibilities that can annoy your comfort during picnic.