Granny pods floor plans type

Granny pods floor plans type

Granny pods floor plans type
Granny pods floor plans type

Daily habits can help you in deciding which Granny pods floor plans are best for home use. The floor at home is the most heavily used part of the house, starting from the dirty floor due to dirty shoes covered with mud and the legs of chairs or tables scraping the floor in the dining room every day.

Protect the front of the house (and the entire room inside) using a floor that is easy to clean while capturing dirt.

Interior designer Julia Buckingham suggests flooring material from porcelain and ceramics, because it requires minimal maintenance only to be swept or to use a vacuum cleaner. Use a dark-colored carpet to help hide and capture the dirt.

However, keep in mind that this type of floor is easy to crack if you drop something on it, and if you use a white floor if there is a stain and not immediately cleaned it will make the floor color change.

Choose a base that is soft enough for children to sit, lie down and play. Add a soft carpet like wool or woven cloth.

Choose easily cleaned materials such as polypropylene or nylon. You can also use easily dismountable plinths as an area where children play

Many people love to use wood floors in the rooms. But actually this type of floor is less comfortable to use especially when getting up in the morning because this type of floor will feel very cold.

Add a super soft carpet. To add a luxurious accent in the bedroom uses a silk or wool base on the wooden floor.

If you use the guest room as an office at home, Use wood flooring because it is quite easy to seat with a wheel that is used to work moves to and from.

Add a carpet or floor mat with stylish and attractive colors to beautify the room. Pay attention to the carpet material to avoid when the chair is used. If you have a pet, Bamboo floors are suitable for pets. Add a special carpet as a place for pets to rest, choose a carpet that is easy to clean if there are stains or animal hair left behind.

Note also the color of the carpet because it is feared that if you’re animal piss will leave a stain that is difficult to remove.