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11 Things to be done when Visit Seoul


For fans of Korean Drama or Korean music (K-Pop) vacationing to South Korea is the most dreamed thing. This ginseng country, has a million charms that attract tourists come to visit. Not only a very interesting tourist attraction that is always on display in various Korean dramas. But also the culture as well as various types of Korean cuisine that tempting taste.

This South Korean charm makes this country very popular and become a major destination among tourists. For those who want to vacation to enjoy the charm of ginseng country, there are some things that must be done in South Korea, especially when spring arrives:

1. Install the Padlock of Love at Namsan Seoul Tower
Do not say you’ve been to Korea if you have never installed a lock of love in Namsan Seoul Tower. The observation and communication tower in South Korea is located on Mount Namsan in Seoul, South Korea. In the tower as high as 237 meters is a tourist attraction that must be visited by tourists. The landmark of Seoul invites its own charm because there are thousands of colorful colored locks, with different shapes. Not only hung on a tree but also a fence in the tower. The easiest way to be in this tower is by ride Cable Car from Namsan Mountain. After walking we will arrive at the tower, here there is a souvenir shop and restaurant. In addition to seeing the sights of Seoul from the top of the tower, we can also go to Love Lock. As in Korean dramas we can capture and paddle the love of the couple here. After installing a padlock around the Namsan Seoul Tower fence and throw away the lock.

2. Visit the South Korean Palace
Another mandatory thing is to visit the grand plance of South Korea. While enjoying the sights of this South Korean tourist spot, we can also rent Hanbok traditional Korean clothes while perpetuating themselves in the Royal Palace building. For lovers of Korean dramas certainly no stranger to the palace that often appears in various Korean drama settings. The grand palace building of Joseon Dynasty is very interesting and popular visited by tourists ranging from Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, Gyeonghuigung, Changgyeonggung, and Deoksugung.

3. Enjoy the beauty of Jeju Island
For those planning a trip to South Korea, make sure Jeju Island is included in the list of places to be visited. The island also known as Jejudo is located in the south of the Korean peninsula. One of the 7 wonders of the world is the largest island in South Korea that holds a million charms of exotic beauty. Island nicknamed Island of The Gods offers the beauty of nature ranging from beaches, meadows, mountains, waterfalls and beautiful wildflower fields. In the middle of the island is often used as a honeymoon destination is Hallasan (Mount Halla) is the highest mountain in Korea. With warm weather all year round rarely snows in winter, making subtropical plants can grow here.

4. Visit the romantic island of Nami
South Korea began to introduce the object of the tour through Winter Sonata drama in 2002. Is Nami Island or Namiseom which became the location of Korean drama shooting location. The island is very beautiful especially in autumn because the leaves are yellowing makes the atmosphere on the island more romantic. Not only during winter, has snow covered the island, as well as in spring or summer. The tourists will experience different experiences on the island of Nami. The place used as a symbol of love is very famous as a pre-wedding location. In addition to a walk to enjoy the beauty of the island, we can also perpetuate them in the statue of Bae Yong-joon and Choi Ji-woo cast of Winter Sonata.

5. Enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms in Jinhae
South Korea’s natural beauty is exhibited in Korean dramas are cherry blossoms or cherry blossoms. This is something that must be done in spring in South Korea, seeing the beauty of the blooming cherry blossoms in Jinhae or Jinhae-gu. The district district located in Changwon-si town, Gyeongsangnam-do province, South Korea, about 1 hour from Busan is often the location of Korean drama filming. When spring arrives, more than 1 million people come to see the blooming cherry blossoms. Either Korean people or tourists also do not want to miss the golden opportunity. Even every year there is a festival of sakura flowers (Jinhae Gunhangje Festival or Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival). Besides being able to enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms, the visitors can also culinary tour as well as watching various types of performances.

6. Relax in the Cheonggyecheon Stream
The place that often appears in other Korean dramas is Cheonggyecheon Stream. This 8.4-km river flows in the middle of the busy, business district of Seoul, South Korea. In this river there are pedestrians on both sides (like the Seine River in Paris). Visitors can relax while taking a walk and sit down to a variety of artwork, sculptures, parks, bridges, and laser light showings at night. Cheonggyecheon Stream is a new favorite tourist spot in Seoul. In this area is also the place of lantern Festival festivals (Lantern Seoul Festival) the most eagerly awaited every year.

7. South Korean saunas JJIMJILBANG
One Korean culture that is always shown in Korean dramas is sleeping in Sauna. Surely we can enjoy the typical South Korean sauna that provides a very interesting and different experience. Sauna in Korea is different from the spa and sauna in other countries even the price is also very affordable. Not only can the sauna, visitors can also enjoy traditional South Korean massage and other interesting services. And the sensation is no less tempting is to spend the night in the sauna, in Indonesia cannot stay in the sauna.

8. Enjoy Culinary Typical Korea
If you have a trip to South Korea, it is mandatory for a culinary tour. Because South Korea is famous for so many foods and snacks that tempts the taste. Starting from food sold on the roadside to famous restaurants. Make sure to taste the typical snacks of this ginseng country like Bimbimbap, Kimbab, Samgyetang, Jjajangmyon, Japcae, Seolleongtang, Bulgogi, Hotteok, Ddukboekki and most important is Kimchi. For those who want to taste the typical Korean royal cuisine, please visit Seokparang. Visitors can culinary tour in an ancient mansion that is 150 years old.

9. See the beauty of Bukchon Village
If you want to feel the atmosphere is different from ginseng country, we can trace the past traces of South Korea past in Bukchon Village. This tourist spot in South Korea, offers tranquility from a complex of traditional Korean houses lined up neatly. The strong rustic nuances are preserved to give a different face to the modern-day Korea because the sights are exactly surrounded by modern buildings in the city of Seoul.
Bukchon Village is also often the location of filming Korean drama series. This historic high-value area is home to the Joseon dynasty and nearly 600 years old. This tourist location is located between Gyeokbok Palace, Changdeok Palace, and Jongmyo Shrine. While walking down the streets of this traditional village in South Korea, do not miss the self-adventure in traditional buildings (hanoks).

10. Shop at Myeongdong
For lovers of shopping or not, while in Myeongdong will directly crazy shopping. Shopping paradise in South Korea offers a variety of products ranging from fashion to beauty. Here we can see the latest fashion trends in South Korea. In addition, we can also shop for beauty products from hair to toe. When the stomach is calling to be filled, we can find various kinds of culinary good street snacks to famous restaurants.

11. Feel the Korean beauty treatments
South Korea is not only famous for K-drama or K-Pop but also K-Beauty. The country is very obsessed with skin care. Not only women who are willing to spend for beauty treatments, but also men in this country are also very concerned about skin care. Various Korean beauty products have been exported to various parts of the world. Korean women also have skin care techniques up to 10 steps. Not only use products to cleanse, refresh and moisturize the skin but also until the use of serum and ampoule. Even in Korea is not only famous for its beauty products but also its beauty clinic that offers a fantastical change for every customer.