Best Clash Royale Hack for Obtaining Rare Cards

Clash Royale is the latest game from Supercell. This game’s gameplay throws RTS and MOBA together with a unique card game to make new players addicted to playing this game further. There are some rare cardsin the game, which aresome of the high card level. To get it desperately need luck. There are some epic kitten you can get for example is witch, baby dragon, prince, skeleton army, giant skeleton, lightning, goblin barrel, and others. Those cards are very important to achieve the goal in the game. There are some Clash Royale hack which will help player to gain the rare cards.

The first Clash Royale hackto get the rare card is by purchasing it. The cards we want can be found in the shop. Every day the shop only provides one – each type of epic card, common, rare and will be reset every day. Wait while the store is providing the card you want. When it is available just buy with gold or gems.

Take advantage of the day of the week. Because every day of the week there are 2 types of cards for each level in the shop. The next way is by opening the chest. This trick is recommended for you who dare to spend money for this game. To get the card we want by buying magical chest which is worth 400 gems and Super Magical Chest with price 2100 gems. Actually we can also get this chest from ordinary battle but very rarely can we get it.

Then, the last Clash Royale hack is by creating new account. If there is an epic card that you really want and can get by just level 1 maybe you can try it this way by re-creating the account. However, the latest way is very risky, especially when player had already achieved the high level. Those are some the best way to get the rare cards in Clash Royale.

Small Size Tattoo Design for Finger Area

Small Size Tattoo Design for Finger Area
Small Size Tattoo Design for Finger Area

Small Size Tattoo Design is often chosen for some models and artist who used their body a lot. In fact, many people or public figure who want to painted tattoo on their body, but their work doesn’t allow so. Having tattoo around the finger is the best solution as the area is small and it is hard to recognize. Some people who had thought that having tattoo need a lot of consideration especially afraid to regret it in the future, can use the finger area to be painted. In addition, choosing the best design is the main key to not regret it in the future, like avoid making tattoo of your current boy or girlfriend, as you might still had chance to break up in the future. It is better to choose the ordinary shape but still looks fancy and good to show for permanent use.

Small Animal Character

Animal character for small size tattoo design is often used by women. Even so, some of men can also try to apply this shape of tattoo on their finger area. Mostly, the animal character used is the simplified form and not with detail. It is like the outer or line part of the animal shape. Fish, cat, dog, and snake are the most used tattoo. These tattoo shape can be printed in between the finger or beneath it. For model who are not allowed to have tattoo, these areas can’t be easily recognized by other, but you can still show it off to them by waving your hand.


Some writings are often used as small size tattoo design around the finger area. Rather than writing the name of your boy or girlfriend, you can write something simple but effective to motivate you for the whole day. It is like by writing “smile” or “love” or other writing. You can also write just the initial letter which only you who know the meaning. Rather than using the English alphabet, you can also try using certain character like Mandarin or Japanese.

4 Tips to Avoid Insects Attacks during Picnic

Vacation with family is fun, especially if you have a family vacation to areas that have beautiful natural scenery or tourist parks. But of course the name of a vacation or picnic in the open cannot be separated from intrusive factors such as the presence of insects and others. Some insects have a pretty dangerous sting, so there’s nothing wrong if you’re always on the lookout for a vacation or a picnic in the outdoors. Well for that maybe the following tips useful for those of you who will travel in outdoors:

1. Put Sweet Food in a Closed Container
Insects have a very keen sense of smell, let alone a sweet food. Be careful maybe the insects will soon envelop your food. Usually insects will be very interested in a variety of fruit and sweet foods such as watermelon, melon, papaya, cake, confection or ice syrup. Try not to bring sweet foods. But if you are already or want to keep bringing these foods then make sure the food is tightly closed. Always carry a food container with a lid on it to avoid an insect attack.

2. Do not Use Bright or Patterned Colors
Insects are also usually attracted to brightly lit and bright objects, so try not to wear flashy clothes like flower motifs and the like. Avoid also wear cologne or perfume scented vanilla, candy or flowers that are too flashy because the scent of perfume can also invite the presence of insects around you.

3. Always Keep Clean Place
Do not forget to always keep the cleanliness where you picnic. Always throw the rubbish in trash bin. If you do not have a garbage dump in your place, put food scraps in a plastic container or bag.

4. Create a Barrier around at Picnic Place
Another way to confront an insect attack is that you can use an insect lime. Do lining out the area where you will have picnic at by using anti-insect lime. Usually the insects that often invade the food area are ants. There is nothing wrong to always anticipate the essence of all possibilities that can annoy your comfort during picnic.

5 Tips to Avoid Insomnia

Do you feel you are not normal because of lack of sleep? Insomnia is a common problem that people often experience right now. Insomnia is common because of emotional problems such as stress, anxiety, depression or irregular lifestyle. Maybe in a short span of time, you are not really disturbed but eventually you will feel troubled and disturbed. Surely this has an impact on your health, therefore arranges a diet and always accompanied by regular exercise so that your body is always fit and healthy.

Another consequence of insomnia or lack of sleep can make you lack of blood because the blood circulation becomes irregular. Surely it will greatly affect the performance of the brain that does not work effectively. Furthermore, if there is interference with the work of the brain, it can automatically also affect the work of other organs such as digestion, breathing, and so forth.

How to overcome insomnia or sleeping sickness? Some people feel that they are sleep deprived, so they consume drugs, our advice that you do not consume drugs with the proposition so you can fall asleep. In order for you to sleep sound and normal there are several ways, such as: before sleeping toothbrush and foot washing and hands first. Be relaxed and then take a deep breath. Close your eyes with a piece of tissue or cloth or you can also turn off the lights. Calm your mind and pray that you can sleep early. Breathe through your nose and remove it through your mouth. Lay comfortably starting with your feet, tense the muscles as tightly as possible. Hold for a count of 10, and then relax. Keep doing this until your eyes are sleepy.

Below are 5 tips to avoid insomnia such as:
1. Drink Water
White water has many health benefits, for those of you who are having trouble sleeping there may be times to consume water regularly. Besides that water can also regenerate muscle and blood cells. Benefits drinking water in the morning is very good to renew the muscle organ and all the blood cells in the body.
When the lymph system can work optimally, then the body will have more power to fight infections that can disrupt the quality of your body’s health.

2. Always Keep Our Body in Good Stamina
By doing regular exercise, then our body will be fresh healthy and fit. Some research suggests that exercise can help people who have trouble sleeping. If you are too busy, maybe you can exercise like cycling, jog, push-ups, and gymnastics and so on.

3. Diet
One of the reasons why people have trouble in sleeping is because of poor diet. By maintaining a diet that means you are taking care of your health. Eat regularly and always accompanied by eating foods rich in fiber and protein. Do not forget to consume fruits because the fruits are very good for health.

4. Reduce Coffee
Coffee contains a lot of caffeine substances that he said so that the eye can be literate. If you want to consume coffee, just eat it in the morning. Also do not consume many drugs or drinks that are stimulus.

5. Find Comfortable Sleep Pattern
Sleep patterns also greatly affect why your eyes will not sleep? Therefore find a comfortable sleep patterns and relax for you. Do not forget before going to bed to always pray and close your eyes or even turn off the lights for your eyes fast asleep.