Start Programming Android Games

Specify the engine you want to use. Engine is your main game base that contains various development tools to make game creation easier. Making android games cheat using an existing engine is certainly much more time-efficient and simple than creating a new engine from scratch. There are many engines that are designed for indie developers.

Engine usually makes graphic manipulation, sound, and AI easier. Each engine has its advantages and disadvantages. Some engines are more suitable for 2D graphics, while other engines are more suitable for 3D graphics. Some engines require more programming knowledge than other engines. There are several game development tools that you can use without the need for programming experience. Some popular development engines include:

  • GameMaker: Studio – One of the most popular 2D engines.
  • Unity – A popular 3D engine that is easy to use and portable.
  • RPG Maker VX – A scripting engine created for traditional 2D or JRPG RPG games.
  • Unreal Development Kit – 3D engine that can be adapted into various functions.
  • Source – The highly popular 3D engine as well as constantly updated and modified.
  • Project Spark – 3D engine optimized and intended for regular users.

Learn your engine, or find people who know about the engine. Depending on what engine you choose, you may face significant programming challenges. Even the most basic engines take time to understand how they manipulate. If the necessary programming is beyond your means, first learn or recruit someone who is an expert.

This will be the start of your team building phase. If you cannot do programming, you need to hire a programmer first. You can think of graphic design and sound later, because you must immediately make a prototype before you can continue the project.

There are many independent developer communities or programmers that you can call. People will join in a project for various reasons and compensation. This is where a solid game design document can help, because solid documents show that you are committed to your idea.

Strategy to Win Battle with Clash Royale Hack

In the game of Clash Royale, battle is the main matter since it can make player get to the next level, as well as gaining gems. These are some strategy to win the battle with Clash Royale hack. Indeed, during the battle, holding on while attacking is the key to win Clash Royale battle. Use cards with low Elixir to survive while collecting more Elixir to attack with your strongest card.

If you want, you can use decks that exist in the article Combination Battle Deck Hold Clash Royale. Another tips, with the ability to throw bombs that inflict arena damage, all enemies who walk into your arena will be broken off by Bomb Tower. While Tesla is hiding in the ground can’t be attacked. Plus, Tesla can attack objects that attack from the air.

Another tip in Clash Royale hack for winning is always attacking with 2 cards, because it will allow you to attack as well as distract the opponent. The combination of Giant with Skeleton Army is perfect to distract Tower Arena. As Tower Arena is busy firing at the Skeleton Army, the Giant will have more chances to destroy the opponent’s defense. Next you can do a quick attack with a combination of Prince and Minion Horde to finish off the King Tower opponent.

For information, Horde is the name for a card that can summon many troops at the same time. Having a Horde card on the deck is a must to win Clash Royale. Simple course, Horde cards like Skeleton Army you can use to hold enemies like Giant or Prince to your Tower. If you do not have a Skeleton Army card, you can use a combination of Horde cards like Spear Goblins and Skeletons and Minion Horde to finish off your opponent quickly. That was the strategy in Clash Royale hack for winning the battle, then now you can practice it and get ready to win.